Lubana History and today


According to British records 33% of the Labana were baptised Sikhs and were found primarily in the Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sialkot areas. The Labanas (along with many other groups) saw the highest conversions into Sikhism during 1881 1891.

According to George Armand Furse, “The Jut and Lobana castes of Sikhs possess in a high degree the useful knowledge of the lading and care of beasts of burden”.


The name Laban may refer to the transport of salt. “The term Labana appears to be derived out from loon (salt) and bana means trade, and the lubana, Lobana or libana was doubtless the great salt-carrying and salt trading caste”.

Acc. to Gurmat Parkash, Magazine by SGPC, Lobana also means who wear Iron Dress, i.e dress of Military person. They mentioned Lobana were Military persons who served in Guru’s army.

These are also called Bahrupia, on account of their versatility in adopting many professions.

Labanki, the dialect of Labanas, is a mixture of Marwari, Saraiki, Gujarati, and Marathi.

Baba Makhan shah lubana
Baba Makhan shah lubana

Role in Sikh History

After Guru Harkrishan, the eighth Guru of Sikhism, died in 1664, there was confusion about the identification of his successor. According to Sikh legends, Makhan Shah, a great merchant of the Labana tribe, identified Guru Teg Bahadur as the successor of Guru Harkrishan. Makhan Shah was very helpful to Guru Teg Bahadur during his pontificate. The Labanas participated in battles fought by the tenth Guru.

During the Misl period , the Labanas joined the services of various “Misldars”.

During the eighteenth century the Labanas began to follow a settled way of life. The Labanas of Lower Indus, Gujranwala and Jhang, settled as cultivators during Sikh rule.

Wherever the Labanas settled they named their villages as Tandas. Tanda in Labanki dialect means a travelling body encampment. In Kangra district, the Lobanas had four hamlets, each called Tanda. By the mid-nineteenth century, the Lobanas at some places owned not only parts of villages, but also entire villages and even groups of villages. They were chiefly found in the Punjab during the Sikh rule.

Labanas were listed as a martial race by the British.

Labanas are said to have nomadic roots but are not related to the Lambada or Labada tribe of Andhra. There are some who believe that they are of the same stock as the Gypsies or Roma people of Europe. Labanas have been linked with Gypsies from Turkey.

Labanas today

Today Labana is a landholding-rich community of Punjab. A large number of Labanas are settled abroad in western countries. The people are hard-working and uplifted the community again to its pride, which was in crisis during the early years of partition. Most Sikh Labanas are of western Punjab origin (now in Pakistan) and are called Panahi, while a smaller ratio are of East Punjab origin and are called Jaddi.


Special note: This site is not intend to promote cast system and is made to provide history and where up to Lubana community is. All your discussion based comments are welcomed and vulgar language or disrespect of other communities, faith and religion is not allowed.


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  1. Awesome effort man….. This is best way to uplift our community . Now this is time to tell other cummunity that we have also a rich history like others …. Superlike effort ……

  2. history pad ke bahut fakar mehsoos hunda hai aj. par sade aj de lubane apni disha to bhatak ke puthe kamma wal pai gaye han te sab ton wadda kod jo sade lubanyea de vich aa gayea hai oh haidaj kirpa karke is nu khatam karan ch ik duje di madad karo. apni history ni mitti ch rullan to bachayie. lubanyea da na roshan karyie.

  3. that,s great effort to show other people & our(lubana),what we was & and what we are.great history,great contribution in sikhism ,great identity.i love the method the way you explain all this topic.great inspiration for those who belong to us but they dont know what they are.anyway i give you my good wishes in future to find some more about this topic.regards………………..DIPPY TANDI.

  4. very nice and thanks for details, further request you to give branches of our caste such as sub castes as myself from Mathoun,Ghotras and Multanis.

  5. Lobana biradri Sada guru sahibaan naal judi rahi hor guru ghar de seva kardi rahi hai esi karke ajj kom poori chardi kalla wich hai Ji
    Amardeep Los Angeles

  6. bht wadia lga aj apni lubana history pad ke….ajj pata lga e ki sadi lubana biradri ne guru gher lye bht kuj kita par ajj sade lubanea vich bht jyada ik duje lye irkha e nafrat peda ho gye e ajj de munde apni cast da nam khrab kar rhe ne ohna nu change pase lg ke apni biradri da naam roshn krna chahida e…….our history is realy great…..

  7. 22g…. koi singer chahida aa… apne 1 mitar ne geet likhe aa… bs apna kole pahe ni haige… mai tan AMAN MULTANI nu laban aya c… pr menu tan apni caste da etihas ajj pta chalya aa… 22 g plz koi gayak hove tan daso…. gane bde vadia likhe gye ne….

      1. Ta 22g sarean samne eh talent le k aa o g ,bhut jyada ghat singer,artist etc. Main apni(LUBANA) bradri de dekhe han. Jinah da lokan nu jyada ta pta v nhi hai.please apna eh singer ja artist wala talent loka samne vdia tarike naal pesh kita jave.THANKS

  8. 22 i a m very proud to be a lobana i dont know why do people make faces when i tell them that i m lobana as if i have abused them

  9. Nice, proud to be a Lubani, we got it all from good looks to $. Can any1 provide me with all the Lubana surnames. I know few like Ghotra, Lubana/Lobana, Multani, Pelia, Mathaun/Mathon, Bhagtaun………………………can anyone provide more last names,

  10. 100/100 for LUBANA’S PROUD TO BE A LUBANA SIKH. lubana’s got HUGE AND RIcH culture shiri guru gobind singh maharaj ji de sikh lubana sikh

  11. bai ji mainu inna nahi c pata apni cast di history bare par ajj pata leg geya.
    ajj ihha sub ped ke badi kushi hoi .waheguru, puri lubana baraddri nu chardikala vich

  12. very very good effort.we all lubanas are on high profile posts so never hide your identity. Thankas to every lubana and all guru de sikh. So I gave my best wishes from the birth palace of KHALSA sri Anandpur sahib.

    1. zaroor but koi pakka proof hove ki sukhwinder lubana community wicho hai… kyo k j tusi wikipedia te dekho te othe ravidasya likhya hoya aa te lubana page wich v hai….. so j tusi pakka confirm kar k das sakde hoo k sukhwinder lubana hi aa te zaroor likha ge… baki j hor koi personality bare pata hove te zaoor dasyo

  13. It’s my pleasure reading this relevant info. about lubana history. Even I’m belonged to this cast. But before I didn’t knew that how were we kept over lubana cast. Thanx buddy and I wish you post more latest info….

    1. thanks for the visit. keep supporting , don’t forget to subscribe the blog for latest news on Lubana community. you can share ….artist,news, inspiration, personality or any thing related to community.

      1. Sukhe veer i am also from gurdaspur my village is kahnuwan. One of my relative’s gott is gujjar. I will try ask him about thier satti and let you know if i get some clue. His village is fero chechi. We have ghotra and pelia satti in kahnuwan but pelias now only practice guru granth sahib there and no bakra bali any more.
        Lubanas are blessed by 9th guru ans so by waheguru.
        Anoopjeet Palia

  14. feeling good to reading our history…ik pind saada v a…jehra punjab toh door paonta sahib de nede basya va…paonta toh 19 km piche…kolar naa da pind a..5km da pind a apna sab toh vda….

  15. Sadii kaum sab too uchi kom ae…te aesa koi bnda ni ae sadi kaum da jeda rab nal na judea ooee…….bhai kuch aur gallan dso menu mein kathua (j@k) to ann….te sada v transport d business ae…

  16. Waheguru Ji khalsa Waheguru ji Ji fateh
    I want to know about our lubana community I’m from Jammu and Kashmir but now I’m living in Ireland .

  17. effortsshould be made to unite the lobanasall over the world and particularly in India by Makhan shah Lobana Foundation
    Sector 30 and Makhan Shah Gurdwara Newyork

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